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Painting Popcorn Ceilings

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Is there any advise other than "don't do it" that anyone can give me for painting older popcorn ceilings? I have done maybe 5 so far with no problems but my luck ran out :rolleyes: this one was never primed first by the builder :censored: I now have to repair a 12" section that pulled away. I was wondering if anyone uses the foam nap that Wooster has for this type of ceiling. I hate having to do them, but I get to do the walls too :)

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Only 1 post mentioned "painting" an existing popcorn ceiling. Thats why i'm asking now. I want to know if there's a way to paint it without it failing. Not how to fix it after it fails :rolleyes:
The best way is to spray it, but you could also roll it-you need to use an oil (or BIN) type primer, nothing water based...that's the whole issue. If it's not primed this is the key, if it is use any paint you want.

Fixing it after it fails is FUN! not....

I think you should definitely check out this thread...
...and he says that with the cries of a little boy who just learned that it wasn't saint nick eatin' all those cookies! :cry:

love the pic joe :thumbup:
I'm thinking about trying to prime the rest of the ceiling in the morning with Bin's 123
I think you mean Zinssers 1.2.3 and DONT use's water based. You need an oil primer! Water based paints re-activate the popcorn, that's what causes it to roll off or fail.
I ended up using SW oderless oil based primer and it looks good. The small area that I needed to repair due to pulldown (latex) looks ok, but it looks a lot better with the lights on :rolleyes:

Thanks again to all
fantastic! It's not that often that we hear updates on all the issues we mention here :thumbsup:
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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