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Painting Popcorn Ceilings

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Is there any advise other than "don't do it" that anyone can give me for painting older popcorn ceilings? I have done maybe 5 so far with no problems but my luck ran out :rolleyes: this one was never primed first by the builder :censored: I now have to repair a 12" section that pulled away. I was wondering if anyone uses the foam nap that Wooster has for this type of ceiling. I hate having to do them, but I get to do the walls too :)

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Water based paint on stipple will actually eat away at it. Therefore like everyone has said use an oil based. Zinsser has some good products for this type of job. I have used split foam rollers on stipple before, its not fun but does the job. If you have a choice spray. IMO it is the highest quality and more efficient for you.
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