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Painting wood cabinets....a glaze look?

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I just got off the phone with someone who wants their oak kitchen cabinets painted. She wants them white and she asked about a "glaze" over the top? She said not sponging or ragging. Apparently, she saw some cabinets at Home Depot that looked darker in the crevaces and lighter on top.

Any ideas from this description?

I don't do any faux type finishes. I thought about going to formal training on it a few years back, but I thought it was only a trend. I do have people that still ask for it. Has anyone or does anyone know of a training institute that does this type of training? I would think it would trickle down into this type of painting that she is requesting.
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it is pretty simple to do.. put on your primer and desired topcoat, then take your glaze with color and apply and wipe off leaving it in the nook and crannies...practice on a scrap door and find out the exact base color and glaze coat..
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