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I'm mostly a commercial painter. I was recently offerd over 50 good size parking lots to restripe every two years maybe more.Ive never restriped parking lots before other than rolling a few out with a 4 inch roller a few years ago but those were pretty much freebies.normally i don't care to venture into something i don't know much about.But since there are so many and surely I could go out and drum up more it sound interesting.But since i've never done it I dont know how much to charge I'm thinking I should charge by the foot and maybe extra for handi cap and writing stuff out such as employee parking and wat nat.Just by looking I'm thinking around 50 cent a foot with me supplying paint remember the stripes are allready there I just go over them. I'm thinking with a striper i can do about 150 to 200 ft an hour with one man striping.But again I'v never done it so i don't know what can or can't do or the going rate or even exactly how to price it. Any input would be be a big help thanks.may even send a c-note or two if the price gets me the job.
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