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Peel Away or similar products

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Does anyone have any extensive knowledge of this type of product? I am intersted in using it on exterior detail, (brick mould,fascia crown, dental moulding,etc).

If anyone could provide actual vs. advertised time and ability to remove multiple layers of old, chipped various types of paint I would appreciate it.

Are the "green " products worth it?

I am planning on using the peel away paper to aid in the removal process.

Any tips or advice or things to consider would be appreciated.
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thanks for the input, and just to clarify, the only substrate I'd be using it on would be wood. Brick Moulding is a type of moulding that is commony used around doors and windows here.

JMCP, what is the best way to apply it? Airless sprayer? How much work time do I have with it and how long is typically needed for it to work well? What about neutralizing the wood?
Hey, I agree. PeelAway is a good product if used correctly. Can also be messy! Don't shy away from the Back to Nature products. The pro versions work real well and like any, you just need to be patient. B to N is "green" and actually works. I have spec'd it.

Also, check out the Paint Shaver. Not cheap as it relates to cost. However, it is so absolutely the $, because it is a serious labor saver. Good luck.
precisely why I wanted to know about the peel away stuff. I already own (and swear by ) the paintshaver. MY problem comes when I have to deal with window/door trim or moulding against the soffitt. I can make the siding look great but I feel like I'm doing half a job when I leave the detail stuff still looking like crap with multiple layers of old paint etc on it. Thanks for the advice on the green products.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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