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Peeling paint on pressure treated

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Just curious if any of you ever ran into this. Have a customer who built their own custom home in SC on daniels island.
Most of the pressure treated wood was fine, only several areas to home that the paint had bubbled and started to peel off.
I scraped all peeling paint, primed with oil base-Stain stomper from Glidden, and repainted with exterior latex.
I did allow an 8 hour dry time after priming with oil according to manufacturers recommendations, and than repainted with exterior latex.
The areas where paint did not stick to pressure treated were damp. Im thinking that the previous painter did not prep the pressure treated properly and this is the reason for the paint seperating from the wood
just doesnt make sense why only in certain areas this occured and all other wood held up great.
Any similiar experiences
Thanks Brian
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Pressure treated is one of the toughest to keep anything on. As one post has already said if the Treated maybe wasn't given enough time to weather, peeling would be pretty much expected. Also if the deck is very close to the ground moisture will wicked through and cause problems. For PT decks a tranluscent or semi trans stain are usually recommended....but even these can peel off if there is to much moisture in the wood. Not only that but the grain of yellow pine tends not absorb the finish in areas. All in all PT is tough with truly no guarantee of the net result of any finish.....
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