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Peeling porch floors.

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I have a job painting an exterior porch floor. The porch floor is peeling in areas, not surprising after the winter months and using a shovel to remove snow(and the paint in the process).

What is the best way to apply a new coat. Obviously, I will have to scrape the floor, but do you use floor enamel on the bare sections first, then go over the entire floor with the topcoat? Or do you prime the bare areas with a primer and cover with floor enamel? Is there a durable floor enamel that would last longer than a year after shoveling?
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Cabots Problem Solver is a good primer for this
Wooden porches shouldn't be painted, it's so difficult for a paint to stand up to that kind of abuse. And usually it has nothing to due with what the previous painter did, but the HO always blames them.

I've been offering to strip, sand to bare and stain my customers porches. Its expensive but will hold up longer than paint.

I agree, always offer a translucent penetrating oil if possible. The only no peeling guarantee.
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