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(Caller) Hello, yes, I have a question
(Me) Yes

Don't you have to powerwash a house before you paint it?
Most paint manufacturers suggest dome sort of cleaning before application, yes

Yes but don't you have to powerwash?
(on a hunch it's not a prospective client) can clean other can use sponges. If there's been a lot of sanding, there may not be any washing at all

Well, they (<---aha) used bleach around the back, and had to sand the front....but the gutters are just dirty. Shouldn't they have powerwashed them?
Only if it's in the contract

What? Can't I make them come back and powerwash?
If it says that in the contract, yes

It just says paint, nothing else
Then, no

Can't I force them to come back and powerwash them?
Not if it's not in the contract

Oh...well, thank you
You're welcome

It was the 'don't you have to....' that made me careful about my answers
Generally I will powerwash, so usually I'll dive right into that one

Whoever painted this lady's house:
You're Welcome!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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