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PPG Hi-Temp 1027

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We are building a material handling system for a heat treat furnace. The customer recommended a paint that is no longer available and PPG recommended we switch to a Hi-Temp 1027 paint. We tried to spray today and the paint is coming out a bit like spider webs. I'm personally not the painter but I'm the one responsible for making sure things get painted, so here I am.

We are using a Binks gravity feed spray gun and running around 80 PSI. Our PPG rep said to thin the paint but we have already thinned it quite a bit. Just wondering if anyone had any other suggestions I could have the guys try. I dropped a few pictures below to show what we are getting.

Any Help would be appreciated. Thank You,
Grey Water Tints and shades Pattern Rectangle
Grey Road surface Asphalt Concrete Pattern
Road surface Grey Asphalt Concrete Tar
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I'd be inclined to start by using PPG's Amercoat 65 as your thinner and omit the R6K 30, despite what the distributor said. Maybe @Redux or @NACE could shed more light on the chemistry differences between the 2. I know that Sherwin's R6K 30 is MAK, whereas PPG's Amercoat 65 is comprised of ethyl benzene and xylene, but I don't know enough to tell you whether or not they could be used interchangeably in your situation.
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