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PPG product input

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My paint store is going to be carrying PPG industrial product and their Speedwall line. Any particular products you guys love from them? I do mainly residential work, so not much use for the industrial line but I might get into garage floors are some point.

How is speedwall for drywall primer, compared to BM super spec 253 or vapor barrier? How does speedwall stack up to super spec (for low end new homes)?

They will not be carrying their upper line of paint at this point, they are a Graham and BM store mainly right now.
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Don't know what you like paint wise, but here is my two cents. First, I don't care for super spec. I think PPG Speedhide is as good for less money. Pure performance and Timeless are both good products. Never heard of Speedwall and don't even see it on thier site. Have used the Speedhide primer (last week) and it works well. Cannot compare to BM because have not used thier primers.
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