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PPG Revolution

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In my post "Paint or Replace" Jennifer Temple suggested using PPG Revolution. Aside from what she wrote I haven't seen much about this paint on the internet. Does anyone else here have any comments on this paint?

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SICO Evolution is a good paint for apts-new builds and such . I would not call it high end although they have it priced like that here in Canada at around 60 + 3.78Litres . Two years ago one could buy it on the BOGO deals for around 28 CaFunds a can . I guess COVID drove it up . We used to buy and use a lot...but the damn stuff ruins our brushes......they are almost impossible to clean . I'm not sure what is in it.....but it does not clean well at all off the brushes . It can be hard to apply on the cuts and we just add some water to fix that . Covers good and rolls good but also drys fast . The Evolution CW is a great ceiling paint and IMO better than Pro Mar 400 . We shifted to Dulux Lifemaster Eggshell for our walls these days . It gets expensive throwing away brushes ..Lifemaster is a dream to use versus Evolution . Who knows......maybe they change the formula of Evolution . These companies do so much unscrupulous stuff it is hard to stay ahead of them . Anyways....that is my 2 cents Canadian on it .
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