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PPG UltraLast interior paint

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Anybody try the PPG UltraLast paint yet? Looks really good. Watched a painter on YouTube give a good review but would like more feedback from fellow painters if possible. Thank you.
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I think their plan long term is to just be in HD, just like SW long term to be in Lowes.
The way it's going, sooner or later it will all be owned by one big mega-corp. Walmart? Amazon? AliBaba? Alphabet? These consolidations work well for corporate execs and shareholders. Some say for consumers (= cheap stuff). But it's all for the worse in the long run. "Consumers" are also the under-paid laborers in the mega-corps.
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*citation needed
I don't think it was a statement of fact. More of a sense. Looking for a statement from the corporate board or something?

SW is on a mission to try to buy up a much of the painting industry as possible. Do I have a "citation" for that? Nope. I just keep seeing what they're doing/buying. The PPG / HD alliance is likely the corporate defense strategy for that. Do I have a citation for that? Nope. You get a sense for what's going on. And as a retailer, I'll take coco's "sense" for things over most any others.

And there's little indication that BM is looking to go to some exclusive ACE merger/alliance. That's a weird comparison because the business models are totally different. Comparing ACE / BM to the likes of Lowe's/SW and HD/PPG is like comparing apples and oranges. If we compare to food, ACE/BM are more like what IGA (INDEPENDENT grocers alliance) is/was. They facilitate supply for independently owned, small(ish) businesses. But Lowes/SW and HD/PPG are more like WalMart. They own/control/top-down-manage everything. Two different business planets.
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