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Prep for spraying latex on metal Garage doors

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Hey there, my first post :)

I picked up a set of new metal garage doors from a customer today and I've got them setup to paint in my shop.

We would like our finish to be an Acrylic Latex, nice black color.

Now im wondering what i should be priming these with, I have some fresh start, only a lil bit of Zinser, aswell as some red oxide primers.

I thought about a quick scuff with a scotch pad and then just shooting the fresh start primer on it.

Any suggestions on a good system, this is a higher end home, and longevity is very important.
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Ok i still need to workout my posts a little bit, little more info. ;)

Factory Coated Aluminum. I've usually done this scope of work in oils so the latex system is a little new.
Thanks for the take Tony, I think i'm gonna go with a couple coats of Benjamin Moore's top quality DTM. Should do just the trick. Thanks.
I have used some DTM paints in the past and i have no complaints from any projects where i've used it. The product completely eluded me when going through my coatings for this project.

Glad I could come here and get some tips for some fellow painters. Good showing guys.

I'll go snap some photos right now and let you guys see how i make out :D
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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