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Prep for wallcovering

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Doing a bid for a fast food restaurant. Calls for 967 square feet of wall covering. Painters usually responsible for priming and prep wall? Waiting to hear from a guy, just wanted to get some feedback from the pros!
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Priming and sizing are two vastly different operations. Almost no wallcoverings call for oil based primers anymore. If you prime yourself,you KNOW what is on the wall,if you let someone else do it,you don't.
Excellent! Thanks for the lesson Pro and Arch.

What am I?? Chopped chicken liver?:cry:
I always use an oil based primer prior to someone putting up wallpaper

Please do not call a real paper hanger to install as he will have to re prime walls. Oil based primer is no longer used for ( almost all) wallcoverings
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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