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Presenting your reference list

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In the past I've provided references upon request. Right now I'm compiling as list that I will present to everybody whether they ask for it or not. I'm really just wondering what seems appropriate as far a presentation.

1) Should it say Tom Smith, T. Smith, or Tom S? What is appropriate? Should I ask my customers their preferences?

2) I was thinking that I'd present the list and tell them that they can write down any name/number on it and feel free to call. I was thinking I would then take the list with me when I leave. I don't know what it it, but there's something that seems inappropriate about leaving a list of all my customer's names and numbers with someone I'm meeting for the first time. Thoughts?

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Nice post GM. I have been looking at this same issue as I try to improve on the presentation aspect. I definitely don't do last names. With customer permission I provide the following:

Andrea N., Middletown, 877-1223

I am trying to provide only the numbers of the most similar jobs in their general area. Chances are we have painted three other stairways within 30 miles of this lead. I will give those three numbers. I also would be reluctant to leave my entire customer base and contact info with a new customer. When their brother in law gets laid off next month and decides to become a painter, he would have a great bunch of customers to start cold calling.
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