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Presenting your reference list

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In the past I've provided references upon request. Right now I'm compiling as list that I will present to everybody whether they ask for it or not. I'm really just wondering what seems appropriate as far a presentation.

1) Should it say Tom Smith, T. Smith, or Tom S? What is appropriate? Should I ask my customers their preferences?

2) I was thinking that I'd present the list and tell them that they can write down any name/number on it and feel free to call. I was thinking I would then take the list with me when I leave. I don't know what it it, but there's something that seems inappropriate about leaving a list of all my customer's names and numbers with someone I'm meeting for the first time. Thoughts?

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I've heard of companies doing this, but I'm in the same boat as you, it feels weird to give out your customers info to everyone you meet. I like to tell them that if they require references i'll be happy to give out, thats typically enough for most people. btw they almost never call anyway. Oh and you may as well give the whole name once you give out there phone number. but not there social security number. lol
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