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Pressure Cleaning

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Hi guys I would like to know how many painters provide pressure cleaning service and if so where are you located.

Siding Cleaning
Brick Cleaning
Deck Cleaning and Sealing

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Do you guys go after much pressure cleaning business or just if a customers ask?
Wet, I frequently solicit paint work or pressure washing, then try to upsell other things we do. Money is real tight right now, with the housing bubble thing that has expanded into the credit situation all around. It's been real difficult to get folks interested in improvements, even to protect their investment...
All good?

The market has slowed. If the news cycle changes in Jan - Feb all should be good. :thumbup:
Have you given that much thought, Wet?

Local bank just laid off a bunch of girls because they don't need 'em.
I looked on web news and Wamu closing branches in New England because mortage biz will be down 40% next year.

14 month supply of houses on the market.

Following the Christmas crunch, how many folks do you think will buy homes in Jan - Feb so they can be in time for close of escrow in tax season?

Even black&decker posted a downturn, in part because of slow housing market.

If you see any lite at the end of the tunnel (like a nationwide program of improvement to our countries deteriorating infrastructure) I sure would like to hear it.
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Hey Wet, you are correct. I am marketing to the wrong people.

But I'll get back to yah on the rest of your post... tired now.

We just watched a dvd from the library. Hacking Democracy.

You might take the time to watch it...

I'll be back
NO Jack

I'm not talking politics I'm talking business.:eek: :yes: If you want to talk about how politics helps your business thats cool (respectfully) otherwise I don't give a rats azz about your politics. Start your own thread about Hacking Democracy and Stop High Jacking my Thread.
Hey Wet... I got no boxcutter!
NOT a hijack.

If you are determined politics does not affect business I shall not make reference to powerwashing professionals who are VERY concerned.
1 - 4 of 38 Posts
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