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Pressure Cleaning

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Hi guys I would like to know how many painters provide pressure cleaning service and if so where are you located.

Siding Cleaning
Brick Cleaning
Deck Cleaning and Sealing

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Boy, I feel much better after reading this thread. People made money during the depression, a capitalistic society will adjust to the market, a free market that is.

We just have to find ways to adjust, adapt, and over come.

Pressure washing has ALWAYS been an essential step in exterior prep (as opposed to interior :eek: ). In past years I probably wouldn't have minded farming our the PW but the price I would use would just be part of my prep MH and hardly worth it to farm out.

Now, instead of using it as paint prep we sell a "complete house wash" at double the price as what I would have charged for prep. My goal is to build up the PW (house, roof, concrete, and specially decks, as well as commercial) so that I can have a crew running full time PWing.

To me the down side to pressure washing is that the tickets are typically low, $300-$800 for a house wash or small deck, but the up side is that the average MH revenue is twice that of painting. :thumbup: We market both painting and pressure washing. Our goal is to use the PW to pick up a $300 house wash and end up with the $3,000 paint job. If it doesn't need painting now we will be in place next year when they need a painter.
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1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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