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Pressure Washing-how long is it good for?

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I'll be renting a pressure washer for my exteriors this year. Have 2 small houses to tackle starting in mid-May. There is only a touch of mildew on each house, Is it wise to pressure wash both at the same time eventhough i might not start the second for 2 weeks?

for that matter, is there a recommended wait period for the mildew to die if you're using an additive to kill it?
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I have suggestion for you - if you don't intend to use the pressure washer as a means to knock off paint - why not go ahead and scrape and sand both homes and save the pressure washing for afterwards as a way to clean off mildew, grime, and clean up the exposed wood of contaminants in a low pressure application and rinse?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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