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I have over three years painting experience, but I have always been on the other end of the equation so to speak. I have never actually dealt with bidding jobs or closing sales. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you work for a painting contractor? What kind of experience do you have painting?

· Almost Gone
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Here is an example of room by room pricing I give. Its a price, but I have a point.

12x12 room with 8 foot ceilings
walls only
1 color
Regal Matte Used
Take before photo
Move furniture to center and cover with poly plastic
Cover floors with rubber backed drops
Remove electrical plates
Patch walls
Scuff sand all walls
Dust walls and vacuum up debris
Apply tape along base line to wall.
Apply Regal Matte, 2 coats brush and roll
Caulk bead along all trim to walls and re caulk window frame to return
Have homeowner do a walk through
Remove all plastic and drops
Put plates back on
Put furniture back in place
Take after photo

Time elapsed:2 Hours

yeah so, do you count the time it takes for the first coat to dry? Going by manufacturer recoat time alone, you couldn't do this in two hours. This don't add up.
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