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My brother and I recently started up a painting company in Toronto, Canada and the surrounding cities. We have had difficulty getting started and have only worked a few smaller jobs. I have now landed us what could potentially be our first big gig which has potential to lead to more. I just wanted to see if anyone had any advice as far as an estimate for a job of this size.

They are building a new home and have the drywallers just finishing up this week. They said it is aprox 10,000 square feet of walls/ ceiling and are looking to get it all primed. Almost all ceilings are 8ft tall except for the living room which has an A frame.

At this point I want to try and undersell it just for the sake of landing a big job and getting some good contacts. What do you think is a price that they would not be able to say no to, but is also not ridiculously low...Thanks for the help!
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1 - 2 of 98 Posts