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I'm a Ben Moore man for interiors, buy a lot of off-whites for rental properties.
Normally I pay about $60ish for 5 gallons Super Hide Eggshell of Navajo White/China White. Have an account at the local True Value and their price has jumped to $80.
I was wondering what other painters pay for this product.

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dang man...$80 per 5 gallon is cheap as hell

I can barely run promar 200 for that price...

Not much BM for me, so I can't help you there, sorry

I guess if I told you that I typically use paint that is $34/gallon for interiors, you'd call me crazy or realize I'm doing high end jobs

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Super Hide Fivers

The price retails for just under a hundred out here
80 bucks would be a good contractor price
I think they wholesale around 50, so 60 bucks is/was a steal

I don't use it often either, but for a cheap paint it's pretty good

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Superhide? Which is BM's low line here in Chicago I can get white and standards for 45 a five! (has to be in the five) wouldn't use it for anything but new construction but I don't do that type of work. Now Super spec mid line I can get for 80 in a five for flat a little more for eggshell.
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