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Primer Sealer problems

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Hey guys,

I do alot of ceiling repairs and most of them deal with water damage. I do not fool around when it comes to water damage and I use alot of Zinsser products including the shelac base and oil base sealers. Problem I am having is I am using a sealer that has an oil/shelac base and alot of clients want a matt/flat finish so I use the water base ceiling paints. I apply the ceiling paint over the oil paint and I am still able to see where I have applied the oil/shelac paint over the stain.

What would you guys reccomend?

I am ready to be hurt real bad over this one ;(
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I find that if I seal a water stain with BIN shellac (l like 2 coats) , I sand it really well with fine paper, then spot roll (w/ mini roller) acrylic primer, then spot roll ceiling paint, then full coat ceiling paint- I do not have a problem with flashing. maybe it's overkill but it doesn't take much time- make sure you roll so texture stays the same.
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