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Promar ceiling bleed thru?

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I just painted a few ceilings with the newest version of Promar ceiling. Upon closer inspection this morning I noticed that it had some really obvious bleed through on the sheetrock in large sections. The ceilings in this condo are in good shape and no more than 20 years old. I had this same issue happen a few years back and I remember then saying that I would not use this ceiling paint ever again. Same thing happened then....I was just one coating over some latex painted ceilings that were not that old. And it only bleeds through on the open sheetrock areas....not the corners or where the sheetrock has been taped/mudded. It appears the Promar is reacting chemically with what ever coating was used previously. It produces a light yellow stain that almost looks like a water stain, but the ceilings were totally white prior to applying it.

Has anyone here every experienced this with ceiling re-paints on decent ceilings using Promar Ceiling flat white?
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Is the ceiling popcorn texture? I seent that before with better products than pro-mar.
Oil or Shellac for a primer. I wouldn't trust anything else, personally.
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