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ProVT Wet Edge Time

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Hello friends,

Need some advice if you don't mind helping me out. I am in the middle of doing a barn restoration. I have applied a first coat of Cabot's ProVT. Since the span is 40 feet x 60 feet and I am spraying, what technique do you suggest I use to prevent lap marks. Keeping a wet edge is the only way I know to prevent lapping.

I cannot simply wait for overcast days and much of the staining will have to be done in direct and full sun light. Would you use an latex extender like Flotrol?

Any ideas will be helpful. I am using an articulated lift but moving along, even though much faster than moving ladders, still cuts down on my ability to keep a wet edge.

Pictures are from last year. But you get the idea of the size involved. Thanks.

Stan--if you are listening--the exterior brown glue worked out very well so far.


Thanks all.



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Hey whatya know my first post! Painting the boards before they go up would be best.

You would be well off to get yourself a 4'-5' extension with a swivel head ($80) for your gun,that is assuming you are not back brushing. Scott that barn you painted looks Xcellent.
1 - 1 of 74 Posts
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