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Question for painters re: licensing

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Let me give you a quick background.

Myself and another company owner have just taken over an industry org ( We are rebuilding from the ground up to make this an entirely contractor focused organization. One of the issues that has come to surface is licensing for pressure washing.

Since you guys that do exterior work also do pressure washing, what is your feeling on having to have a license to perform this task? What are your feelings on contractor licensing in general? Rather than post my feelings which may serve to sway the responses, I would love to hear your thoughts.
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I am opposed to licensing of any profession as a matter of principle.

The premise behind licensing is that it protects the consumer. This simply does not happen. Merely because someone can meet whatever criteria are extablished to get a license does not mean that that company/ individual will continue to meet those criteria. Licensing breeds a false sense of security among consumers. They believe that the licensing agency has done the homework, and the consumer is therefore safe. One doesn't need to read very far in the daily paper to see how wrong this is.

But my real objection is the attack on individual freedom represented by licensing. When a profession is licensed it means that those without a license cannot legally enter that profession. It also means that consumers cannot legally hire an unlicensed individual. Licensing prevents individuals from engaging in voluntarily exchanging values, much to the detriment of everyone involved.

I am not opposed to voluntary certification and consumer education. I am totally opposed to government imposed and enforced licensing. And, I would vigorously fight any attempt to impose licensing on any business I own.

Brian Phillips
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All that said, I still plan on doing it legally.

If my state required licensing, I would comply.
So would I. I would probably close my doors, even though I would likely be grandfathered in, and if not, would easily meet the requirements. I refuse to seek permission to operate my business.

At a certain point, Atlas has no choice but to shrug.

Brian Phillips
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