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ralph lauren suede

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anybody ever use the suede finish on a wall. have any tips or tricks for using it. also tips for doing a 18 ft wall
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give me the part number you use from 3M. We can do some testing and maybe make some recommendations. did you do anything other than use a flat paint?
You can't cut in with RL Suede, you have to mask off the ceiling and then jam your roller up in there and in the corners and go as fast as you can.. nightmare! I won't work with that crap ever again, life is too short. I am also intrigued with these 3M granules you're mixing in with flat paint.. my old boss used to make this smooth plaster stuff with tiny sand particles in it which was troweled onto the walls and then backwashed with a wet brush. It looked really cool like old plaster walls. We'd then paint them with those old big block brushes, no roller.. lots of work but a really cool effect.

Hey Keir, I got my PDCA mag today and saw your full page Mythic ad (or maybe it was in there before and I never noticed?) Looks nice. I checked and the closest dealer here is like 100 miles away..
Thanks Purdy.
Keep checking, we are adding all the time.
Ive been seeing Mythic full page ads in a lot of magazines lately. I need a Mythic decal for my any?
Per your request, it has been approved and I will let you know when you can get yours! (dont PM me, I will post when ready).
That really is ashame, he had an artisans talent from the old world. I hope he keeps it up, or at least teaches someone the ropes.
1 - 5 of 40 Posts
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