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Re-post of Exterior Barn paint

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Ok, I am going to try this again. I don't want any one tearing my pics apart, your I will have this post removed like I did with the last one. Also I don't want any name calling.:no:

I am painting a Barn with 6 dormers, 2 cupolas, and 2 barn doors (not pictured)

I am scrapping, power washing, 1 coat of primer and 1 coat of Berh deep base exterior paint.

Since the last post I had removed, I have finished one dormer and started priming the other dormer.

Customer is happy so far and complimenting on the work.

Once I am finished with one side I will post the completed pics.


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Sev, why are you using Behr and Behr deep base for a white color? and since its Behr it needs at least 2 coats of top. But looks like you got those roof jacks figured out to paint the peaks, thats a start. But seriously Sev, no one is going to stop ripping on you if you are not in whites. they are cheap, SW will probably give you a shirt. Wait sorry, you shop at HD.
really whats purpose of whites. Blue jeans work just as well.
its not about how well they cover your a$$. Whites are the uniform of a painter. You wouldn't don't see the people checking you out at Home Depot wearing police uniforms do you? They have to wear certain cloths with their HD apron.
on second thought though, maybe dont, it might give the impression that you are a real painter.

yeah... Behr isn't really any good. And another thing, even though you put on a coat of primer, you still need two coats of paint and that is for most paint products, not just behr. Read the label on the can for the specs you need in order to validate the warranty of the paint most require two coats.

As for painters whites... that is just another tale of a story. I hate whites and Behr paint but yet I am a professional painter like the rest around here. Don't let Tsunami pull your leg so hard... :thumbsup: Painters whites are for hard core old schoolers (generally)...
2 coats especially because its behr. Whites are the painters uniforms. Enough said.

He is a real painter. Just because he starts his business differently than anyone else doesn't make him less a painter than the rest. Quit bust-n his chops for pete sake.... Give him some room to grow and experience his techniques and skills. Help him out instead of put him down. Helping him out doesn't mean you need to kick him in the nards so hard that he can't get up.... Help the kid out! :thumbsup: He's here because he wants help in a trade he doesn't know much about.... that's obvious. So, lets help him.
Its not how he starts his business, its that he doesn't really know anything about painting and is out undercutting real painters. THough in the long run he is probably making more work for them . . . But Jason, I have given Sev more useful advice than most on this site. But he really might consider working for an established, reputable painting contractor first.
Jason, that is why I asked him what he was charging. Why would the other painter be just doing the windows otherwise? Not the whole thing?
I couldn't agree more. Those of you who feel he is undercutting "real painters", I got news for you. There are a million more just like him out there,
This is very true PWG. There is an endless supply of them
At least he is here to learn.
I, for one, honestly feel like he is not trying to learn. He takes everything we say as an attack or a joke and he should be reading every thread on here trying to gather as much info as possible instead of posting every two seconds.[/I]
Very touching post though, PWG, maybe it will inspire some goodwill on PT :whistling2:
I feel that Sev does not try to benefit and grow from the advice he does get. That is my problem with the whole Sev situation. He spends too much time typing crap that doesn't even make sense. When I first joined the site I started reading every post I could that seemed useful and relevant. Sev does not take that approach. I have tried to give him advice but he does not listen. This makes it easy to just start raggin on him.

And yes jason, your white do not give you the ability to paint, but they make you look professional while doing it. thats what counts.

I tried khakis and they just looked dirty so fast.
Advice is only good if it is relevant to the listener. No one has to listen to it. The best advice is the advice asked for, because then the person is interested and it is relevant. If you give advice not having been asked of it, then you could possible offend a person and they will not listen.
your best post yet Jason :yes:
huh, Sev, I have never seen barn doors like that before. Thats kind of cool. What do they have to raise and lower them? Why is the whole barn open all the time? Did you not clean the roof? Looking at the dormers, I think it would be almost impossible for all the white to be from you. If you look at the end of the roof lines on the dormers there is white coming off from that, not just around where you powerwashed. But still looks like you left some residue. How did those roof jacks work? Break any slate?
It looks like them doors are on a rail and can be raised up to shut and down to open...

And how is it that you have come to the conclusion that the barn is open all the time?

And why do you make Sevs' business your own business? Btw... I think I see some bird crap on that roof too.....

Good job Sev! Keep up the good work.
WOAH! Jason, settle down. Those were honest questions. Not ripping on Sev. The reason I came to that conclusion is because there looks like there are still no windows in the dormers and the barn doors are open. My parents have a large barn and they keep that puppy batten down like a submarine looking for a mine field. And I asked about the door because obviously there are tracks, its a barn door, thats how they are hung but due to the angle and weight of those things gravity will open them rapidly and make them very hard to close, so I was wondering what they have rigged up to close them. I ask not because I think Sev has something to do screwing them up but because I am curious. So why don't you spend less time defending Sev when he needs to learn to take care of himself and wasn't be attacked in the first place and spend more time getting health insurance and not going to church because its for crazy people (sorry that jab was directed at you, but I still felt it was due)
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