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This here is a job we just wrapped up phase 1 on. A beautiful pad built in 1935. The new owners hired us to remove some wallcoverings, prep, prime, and paint walls, ceiling, and trim. The previous owner was a widower in his 90's, and had no children. The house hadn't been touched (painting or decorating wise) since the early 60's. It was like walking into a time capsule. Everything was in perfect shape. The wallcovering was awesome, looked like it had been installed yesterday. The trim was all lead oil, and was in pristine shape. The walls were a flat oil, and you could tell it had all been brushed; a roller had never seen the inside of this house. I took hundreds of pics throughout the job, and the new homeowners (2 engineers GULP!) were thrilled with the outcome.

I was messing around with photobucket today, and found I could create a slideshow of pics, instead of hot-linking a ton of them here. Try this link, see if it works.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
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Nice work! Pretty neat slide show thingie.
PWG...those walls look incredible-I love the contrast

very nice work :yes:
Looks great. I love all the woodwork and detail in the house.

Nice job
That is awesome work.
very nice! I love that program for the slide show will definitively look into that!
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