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Without wishing to depress everybody, it looks like uncle sam is heading toward economic meltdown. And what happens in the U.S. will almost certainly happen in the U.K.

Those of you doing residential paintjobs will probably have to batten down the hatches but you'll probably get by. those of you in commercial are toast.

Have any of you made contingency plans for what's coming?

Luckily i'm in residential but i'm looking at other things as well. I'm teaching myself to crochet.

what are you doing?

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LOL on the crocheting. Can I get a sweater in XL?

Yeah it looks inevitable that we will drift into the dreaded R word. This is the morning after hangover of the boom years. My saving grace is that most of my jobs are small (under $2000) and I have a strong higher income demographic base. I guess another plus is that what I service is outside and most people won't succumb to a splintering, nasty deck or a mold covered house.

I can imagine some people will hold off on the interior repaints as a luxury expenditure.
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