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Recommendations please for coffee shop paint

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Please help me by recommending a paint (brand/model) for the following application.

* coffee shop inside a grocery store
* split into kitchen space and public space
* all walls previously painted (i'm taking over an existing space). colors on walls are bright, like bright yellow, red, etc. walls are drywall.
* want all walls to be painted white. one wall I might use a light gray on, depends on rest of finishes.
* my brand is upscale, modern, etc. in the space I will have porcelain floors that look like a modern, light wood. The counters are white quartz. Tables are walnut. Attractive blue tiles on bar face. Lighting is bright. Cheery space.
* i'm the owner of the shop, i'm going to paint it myself, i'm pretty capable.
* essentially my ideal paint selection is the one that looks nice and wears well for the lowest cost.
* presumably in the kitchen space I will use a high gloss paint (which finish?) and what is recommended for the public space?

Thanks in advance.
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