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removing blisters from painted wall

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I have just completed a project which was spraying three walls with Zolatone Metal.This stuff is so reflective that I needed to skim coat one of the walls to hide poor drywall finishing ,then primed it with recomended primer.On this wall I noticed a few blisters as soon as I was done spraying the final pass(pattern coat).This is the first time I've used this product and the zolatone rep was helpful in walking me through the application,he's a hands on rep and has been in the trade his whole career.He says I can patch the blisters and blend them in no problems.I really want to trust that but I still have my doubts.After going through some early pains with this stuff I've got the application dialed in and the walls look sweet.The last thing I want to do now is screw it up with a s**ty touch up spot.So my question is has anyone laid down a blister in paint without removing it and patching?
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No. It didnt adhere on the patching, likely because the mud wasnt cured. You will be able to peel off the blister and alot of the surrounding area.
has anyone laid down a blister in paint without removing it and patching?
no...I'm not sure what other options you are looking for

the problem lies underneath the blister, so that is what must be fixed (probably sanded/primed better)

just a guess

if you don't like this post, try prayer and/or voodoo
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