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This one always seems to haunt me. I cannot find an easy way to remove painted textures, specifically Popcorn ceiling textures.

Do you guys know of any solvents or strippers that will get this stuff off without having to toss new sheets over it?

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Quick and easy popcorn removal

I have found no quick and easy way
It's messy and time consuming
Basically it comes down to different ways to scrape it off
Usually ends up being a wet method
Though how bad it is can depend on how much paint it has soaked up over the years

Then, of course, there will nearly always be a skim, re-taping, or massive amounts of joint compound it some way or another
(Rarely were Level 5s it they were, your removal will nix that)

What it amounts to is basically why over-rocking should be considered
I'm not saying removal isn't s good option depending
I'm just saying over-rocking may be a more viable option than one thinks
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