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Which respirators does everyone use when spraying? Anyone use those full face shield masks? I usually use one of the regular 3m ones but coming up i will be spraying alot a alcohol based shellac and wondered if I should look the full face coverage? Also wondering if those full face ones cover with paint specs and are just a hassle?
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What you spraying it with? HVLP or Airless?

Sorry to highjack your thread but does any one have a problem with the 3m respirators not fiting their face correct?
A half mask is fine just as long as you don't wear glasses or contact lens. The thing with bin is you need to vent the area. We use a 4' fan stuck in a outside door way and open the window of the room that we are spraying in. Except for a closet you cant tell that you are spraying bin. But be ready to change the charcoal filters every day or so. In general people don't change them often enough. If you are taste in it they are WAY over due.
I use a 3M Medium which I was fit tested when I use to work in a chemical Plant... you have to be clean shaven for it to work properly ..and always clean after each use....I DONT but you should..When you start felling the rubber flexing when you breathe its time to change to prefilters also.. ful face mask would be nice only if you had the NASCAR tear away plastice lens...cause with me it will get on the lens..and thinner will fog the lens. but i would liek to have a full face to keep the oil off my eyes
Get fit tested!!!!!!!!!!!! Any paint store can help you get in contact w/ a vendor. 3M or A/O ought to be able to do it. I highly recommend it. Especially spraying laq's/shellac/oil/epoxies. If spraying BIN, put the pilot light out and certainly use a fan to get the fumes out. BIN can get you a "buzz" for sure. Like Veith said, if you can taste it, change your filters and pre-filters.

If your dome is "normal" size, probably a medium. If the dome is large, get a large. You shouldn't be able to get air "in" around the face piece.
what norcal said and Yes great point. u must be clean shaven for it to work properly .if u dont want to shave :eek:sama: or wear glasses get a air fed helmet type system (Expensive)but worth it.full face is good,but if u worry about overspray carry a small squirt bottle of water or denatured alcohol mineral spirts and a rag / wipe clean no big deal.stay away from hot solvents it will melt your plastic lense for sure.tear aways are good but sometimes hard to peel.and if your eyes :eek: are sensitive u might have no choice but to use a full face.:yes:

These are similar to the ones I use. The full face offers tear aways. Checkout
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