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risk free painting

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Just got a supercoup ad from these guys ....claim any ext paint job for $3,399.00 and and ext trim paint job for $1,799.00. Their big sell is price and no deposit.
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Interesting marketing
Totally focused on homeowner's fears and price...right down to the company name

Maybe you should have them do your house
Apparently they'll beat your price

Oh BTW, thanks for dissing the rest of us on the deposit thing NoRisk
If you're ever in the neighborhood and need a gallon of primer or an extra hand or two to complete a job, remind me to tell you to :censored::censored:
The deposit isn't just for materials :censored:-weed, it's to ensure the H/O is serious, and won't be bailing on you after scheduling
Ha ha ha....No Risk
acrylicrecoating said:
They are just using slick marketing!
Not my marketing
I prefer the straight story approach
I don't care for those gimmicks, and I don;t care if I lose "sales" for not using them
If you've ever dealt with them, you'd know that that means nothing
1 - 4 of 40 Posts
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