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risk free painting

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Just got a supercoup ad from these guys ....claim any ext paint job for $3,399.00 and and ext trim paint job for $1,799.00. Their big sell is price and no deposit.
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That is some pretty slippery marketing they have going there. Its just a website though. Are our websites really all that powerful? Think just in terms of our little family right here on painttalk, there are guys who dont have websites who we hold in very high esteem, and there are guys with websites that I wouldnt hire to wash my truck. Its just a website.
I think slippery is too kind. Either they are very naive, or intentionally dishonest. They make claims that are very dubious, as well as claims that are simply false.

For example, they claim that brushing and rolling results in a thicker paint film, thereby implying a better finish. The Paint Quality Institute has done many tests on this, and has found that spraying is actually better in many situations.

If thicker is better, why do they only do one coat, particularly when the manufacturer recommends 2 coats? And if thicker is better, then why not apply 10 coats? That would certainly be thicker.

How do they know what others charge? How do they know how long it takes other companies to do the job? How do they know the material costs of other companies? What is bar wood?

Brian Phillips
Personally, I don't have a huge problem with companies that offer cheap prices. My problem is when they present themselves as offering better quality and more value than they actually do.

There is a market for cheap paint jobs, such as apartment painting, and I don't begrudge anyone pursuing such a market. I just wish they'd be honest about what they are offering and not slam legitimate contractors who offer more value. In other words, I'd have no problem with a company that offered cheap prices and was honest about everything involved. Their web site would look like this parody site.

Brian Phillips
I'd love to see the response you would get at the parody site if you, made it just a bit more real. Like getting rid of the seafood and Capt. Otto pictures. Gaurantee you would get some people seriously looking for the low price.......BTW nice job, very funny.
I went back and forth on some of that. I was afraid that if I made it too real, the joke would be lost. So I decided to make it as ridiculous as I could. And Capt. Otto isn't real pleased with your suggestion to lose his pictures. I interrupted his nap yesterday several times to get some input.

Brian Phillips
Don't want Otto mad at me! You want me to send him some fish? Should make him real happy, and smell good by the time it gets there too!
Not necessary. The fish hasn't been selling well, so he has a lot to eat. But he does appreciate the thought.

Brian Phillips
I got one of these in the mail also. I thought NEPS was on the other side of Boston from me. If so, looks like a pretty hefty mailing. If they only did 10 houses a year, I don't think they would be mailing a 50+ mile radius. They could target one town and get 10 jobs at that price. Strangely enough, I got their flier on Friday and someone from across town called and bailed today.
It could also be a case of a company shooting their wad in one desperate marketing push. I've seen companies do an amazing amount of advertising in a short time, and then we never hear from them again. It's kind of like a shooting star-- spectacular while it exists, but very short in duration.

Brian Phillips
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