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Rubber Baseboards, casing, & crown

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Has anyone run into this situation ?

I have a house where all the arched windows are cased in rubber casing. I have prepared the nail holes with spackle, sanded them down then applied the enamel. The problem is, the nail holes still show dimples. I went back to redo them, sanded them down, re-spackled, and repainted.....the dimples are still showing.

Any solutions ?:whistling2:
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Whenever I'm painting wood work I alway use Carpenters Wood Filler. I use Shirwin Williams Carpenters Wood Filler. Once I discovered it I fell in love. It doesn't shrink. Drys hard so no low spots and sands easy. It works for outside and inside.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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