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Rubber Baseboards, casing, & crown

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Has anyone run into this situation ?

I have a house where all the arched windows are cased in rubber casing. I have prepared the nail holes with spackle, sanded them down then applied the enamel. The problem is, the nail holes still show dimples. I went back to redo them, sanded them down, re-spackled, and repainted.....the dimples are still showing.

Any solutions ?:whistling2:
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Thanks guys, I will give it a crack ! Unfortunately the moron's who installed it didn't use glue, nor did they even do a good job. But hey......The Painter will fix it !
A little putty, a little paint....sure makes the capenter what he ain't !!!! That saying goes off in my head like a bad song that you keep whistling all day ! These guys in Las Vegas aren't much tburritt....
We usually use Crawfords spackle, and if that doesn't work we'll stop at autozone for some Bondo Glazing....have you ever tried it ? It works great for flat areas but I haven't tried it on these damn rubber moldings:censored:
There is one company out here in the Las Vegas area that SUCKS !!!! But they get so much work, it is almost impossible not to work behind them. So now I have made it "another task" to my job to inspect the paint isn't enough. I simply do not accept the job and have them come back to make their repairs if it looks like Doo Doo. :censored:
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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