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S/W Visible Solutions

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Anyone tried the new ceiling paint from S/W, Visible Solutions?
My rep. demoed 4 gallons to me I used 2 and have 2 to give away! lol I didn't care for it at all. Goes on purple dries a bright white, painted okay, seemed to have a very chaulky feel to it, showed overlapping of paint big time, even with second coat. Didn't touch up well either, again showed overlapping.
Just curious what other's experienced.
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Paint Whisperer,
What is this "Style Perfect" you referred to? Haven't heard of it.
Out of the loop in Carolina!
My customer called this week, we had used the Visible Solutions on one of her ceilings, she says it looks like cat tracks on the ceiling! Going to look at it this week end. I too am mad at myself for trying this crappy stuff! First call back I've had in a long long time.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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