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S/W Visible Solutions

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Anyone tried the new ceiling paint from S/W, Visible Solutions?
My rep. demoed 4 gallons to me I used 2 and have 2 to give away! lol I didn't care for it at all. Goes on purple dries a bright white, painted okay, seemed to have a very chaulky feel to it, showed overlapping of paint big time, even with second coat. Didn't touch up well either, again showed overlapping.
Just curious what other's experienced.
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I went in on Thursday to get Style Perfect But the Rep. talked me into try the Visible Solutions for free. And i did. That was the worst paint i had ever used.I have to go back and get Style Perrfect to finished up the job. I wasted two hours of my time and I am still mad at myself for being a sucker.:mad: :mad:
Paint Whisperer,
What is this "Style Perfect" you referred to? Haven't heard of it.
Out of the loop in Carolina!
It is a ceiling paint that you can get at S/W.

By the way, I am in Charleston, SC for Vac. with my family. This is a very nice city....We are having a great time!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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