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Sales Tax In New Jersey

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hi all, if there are any new jersey people out there i need your help...since changes were made in october 2006 with sales tax, i have a question.......(better late than never)........are we supposed to be charging sales tax for painting labor:eek:
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hey premierpainter, thanks for responding..was beginning to think no one in nj was a member here........i appreciate your response......i have been painting for years but have just decided to go legitimate with a business structure..........kind of operated in a way that i just let the accountant worry about it at the end of the year.never really set up a structure so that is why i was not sure about this tax thing.........i am still learning about the "running a business" thing but the work is and has been top notch...i am located in ocean county...........send me a private message if your interested.....and once again thanks for the info
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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