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Scuff X for Cabinets

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I have used Scuff X on a few jobs recently and on four sets of bathroom vanities. I loved it! Very nice finish and appears to be extremely hard. Are folks having success with this product on kitchen cabinets? Considering using it on an upcoming bookcase project. Wondering if it is durable enough. Been using cabinet coat and advance. Thanks much!
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I was getting tiny fish eyes that would start to pop up shortly after application. I thought it was a spray thing but to my surprise it also happened when brushing. I got a can of Advance and everything went on fine. I ended up getting refunded 10 gallons through my BM rep. He said there had been a similar problem with a local millwork supplier that was using Scuff-X.

I should say though, the cans were actually from three different batches, so to say it's a bad batch may not be entirely accurate. More so I got some bad cans, or maybe there was multiple bad batches. This was in November so I wondered if maybe the product had gotten too cold somewhere in shipment.
What do you use now for cabinets? Will you go back to scuffx? Thx!
This is what I was thinking of using Scuffx on. Just concerned it will not hold up under sliding books on and off and little fingers over time. Typically I would use advance or CC. But, Scuffx may hold up too. I’ll be spraying it.

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I personally wouldn't trust any of those to hold up on a bookshelf. If you go that route I would just roll a coat of Clear on the shelving after to protect the paint.
I think you are right and decided to go otherwise. Many thanks!
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