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Scuff X for Cabinets

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I have used Scuff X on a few jobs recently and on four sets of bathroom vanities. I loved it! Very nice finish and appears to be extremely hard. Are folks having success with this product on kitchen cabinets? Considering using it on an upcoming bookcase project. Wondering if it is durable enough. Been using cabinet coat and advance. Thanks much!
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I've used Renner on the last couple cabinet jobs and at least for me I'm able to get much better results. I'm not a coatings expert, but from my understanding they are also designed for cabinetry and are supposed to hold up better to hand oils. Although it's more than twice the cost and you have to get it shipped in so it's more of a hassle in that regard.

I would use scuff-x again, but probably not on a high-end kitchen. These cabinet designed coatings are just a lot easier to use in my experience, especially for a guy who just uses an airless (me).
I want to try out Renner...i learned there is a dealer close by...
Plus, the topcoat cost is basically small, so why not go for the best coating one can attain without a major deal.
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