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I am working on our garage siding, which is composed of T1-11 panels. The panels are pretty weather-beaten and there are cracks and openings in the painted surface that over the years has allowed the elements to get in and cause some damage to the underlying wood. I've been using an infrared paint stripper and a scraper and am almost done removing the paint from this side. There is very little actual rot (just a couple of spots) and mostly a lot of hairline cracks, sometimes fingernail width in areas. I would really appreciate advice on the best way to prep and paint the surface. My current plan is the following:

1. Remove the few rotted spots, treat with wood hardener, and put in epoxy wood filler
2. Put a very elastic caulk such as Sashco Big Stretch in nail holes and some other deeper areas of damage.
3. Probably use Zinsser Peel Stop Triple Thick, which I've never used, but heard good things about. There's not any peeling paint left, but I'm hoping this would maybe address the hairline cracks. As an alternative, I am considering Kilz 3 primer, since Peel Stop seems more for peeling paint.
4. Paint with a good paint.

Any thoughts, additions, or comments? I am not a professional and would really appreciate it. One thing I'm really wondering about is if the Zinsser Peel Stop would address the hairline / fingernail thickness cracks, or would it be better to address these another way such as filling them with something like caulk or doing a skim coat in bad areas of something like Liquid Nails? I've attached pictures to get an idea of the condition of the panels. A couple of them show the before and after paint removal. Thank you so much for any advice on this.
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