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spot priming takes a couple of minutes and can be painted over after 10 to 15 minutes. you can even spot prime already sealed walls with the paint you are about to use most of the time unless there is accent lighting or something. Half of the problems I'm seeing you guys talk about are probably a result of the guards itself. guards is for sealing down peeling wallpaper and damaged need to do it to brand new skimmed walls try not to overthink painting so much. prime the walls with a new drywall primer/sealer, fix the imperfections and nail holes that can be seen, spot prime those patches quick and paint pretty simple.
Seems to be a pretty bold statement to join a group of painting professionals and make your first posts about how we are all probably doing it wrong, especially from someone with a title as a drywaller, (and without even a proper introduction).

I think you'll find there are plenty of ways to get to the finish line, and I'd ask you to keep an open mind in the future and do some reading on these boards and you'll see for yourself why some painters have chosen to use certain products for particular applications. Gardz is much more than for sealing peeling wallpaper or damaged drywall. Welcome to PaintTalk. Looking forward to reading your intro.
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