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Sherwin williams pro industrial alkyd urethane vs emerald urethane for cabinetry

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I have a cabinet job for a customer, I’ve been using Emerald urethane with great results. The only complaint I have is that it’s $57/gal including my discount, which obviously adds up. Just curious if the Pro industrial Alkyd urethane is comparable to the emerald urethane? It’s a little more cost effective and if I can get similar results, I’d like to experiment with it. I am not trying to skimp on the prep work. I always sand, clean them, and use synthetic shellac based primer. With the proper prep work, what are your thoughts on achieving a durable finish for cabinetry?
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i have used both of these and they are very similar. either always looks great, levels smooth and hard. only issue i have is getting a smooth "advance like" silky feel. it always has a very slight chaulkiness to it. i have similar issue with PC.
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