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Sherwin williams pro industrial alkyd urethane vs emerald urethane for cabinetry

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I have a cabinet job for a customer, I’ve been using Emerald urethane with great results. The only complaint I have is that it’s $57/gal including my discount, which obviously adds up. Just curious if the Pro industrial Alkyd urethane is comparable to the emerald urethane? It’s a little more cost effective and if I can get similar results, I’d like to experiment with it. I am not trying to skimp on the prep work. I always sand, clean them, and use synthetic shellac based primer. With the proper prep work, what are your thoughts on achieving a durable finish for cabinetry?
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Also I’d like to specify that I’m asking about the water based pro industrial primer. Thanks for any help in advance
Thanks for all of the feedback! I have used emerald Urethane in the past and will continue to from here on out. I’ve followed all of the recommended prep and guidelines in regards to the PI AU and it is just not as hard as I would like. It feels a little sticky, which I’m not a fan of. I typically stick to one routine and go with it, just wanted to get my feelers out there for different product. I don’t know if the color (tricorn black) could have something to do with this or not.. I would’ve given a lot of the advice in the thread had I been the one responding, but wanted to make sure I was on the “right” track.

In response to the $50 savings comment, I totally agree. But also understand that this does come into play more so on bigger jobs- and $50 is $50 at the end of the day. If the product is dang near the same, might as well profit as much as possible if I can. 🤷🏻*♀
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