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smoke damage

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anybody ever fix some light smoke damage? there is a room right next to the kitchen(that had the small fire) with a 30 foot ceiling and there is smoke particles(black)cobwebs,but the ceiling doesn't look brown. would you prime the whole thing or just paint it? I am going to prime the whole kitchen because it looks pretty bad,but the great room only has smoke damage i can see right at the dorrway from the kitchen. what would any of you do?
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Are you rolling or spraying?

In my experience, if your spraying, you don't need to do anything but spray it with your choice of paint. If your rolling it, it may need a couple coats, but that smoke damage will not come through if the paint covers well. The ONLY reason anyone might or should prime over smoke damage is to seal in the smell, otherwise what's the purpose? It doesn't bleed through like nicotine or water damage stains.
Most of my experience comes from slamming out apartment interiors and it's not as crucial for bleeding issues, they get turned over so many times I don't think smoke damage has a chance to show itself after the paointing... lol. That has been a while. I rarely do an interior and when I do I rarely if at all get any smoke damaged jobs. I have no doubt that the experience you all talk about is true. I'll consider some new steps in my prep if I ever come to this issue. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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