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I'm in the process of putting all my polices in writing in the form of an employee handbook. I've been thinking about banning smoking. My current employee smokes and is allowed to smoke during his break but that is it. At the very least, this would be my policy, though I'd love to get rid of it altogether.

Has anyone banned it entirely? Are there any legal issues to consider?

I used to smoke and couldn't care less what people do when they're not at work but don't like the image it presents about Mack Painting.


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I wouldn't ban smoking completely, as it's their right to smoke. However, I would ban them from smoking during working time. Just like you wouldn't let people take 4-5 munchy breaks a day. If they want to take a walk during their 2 15s or lunch though, who are we to say no.

Same goes for exteriors. I recently seen a truck go up in flames from a dropped cherry in a drop cloth during clean up.

Smoking is bad anyways. I smoked for 10 years & just quit on New Years. Love the difference I can already feel when climbing, running, and doing the dirty. :thumbup:
True. So since McDonalds is bad for your health, does that mean we should ban workers from eating it at lunch when they're off the property, away from us, and it is perfectly legal to eat those burgers in the spot they're eating?

Come on now... I don't smoke but still believe in peoples rights here. When they pass a law stating otherwise, my opinion will change. So if they decide they don't like your rule, and smoke while on their lunch break OFF THE JOB SITE, what are you going to do fire them? Better hope they're an idiot & don't fight that one. :thumbsup:
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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