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smooth fascia boards

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I have a fascia board with peeling paint. the source of the moisture has been corrected. i scraped the boards and featherd out the chips. i applied the first coat of primer, but the divets are still visible. these divits in some cases are about three inches in diameter, and in other areas, they are about 2-4 inches wide by about 24" long.
everybody i have talked to has a different remedy, primarily paint store guys.
what is the correct way to handle this situation so that in the end, the fascia board ends up smooth?
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Brush on a couple coats of XIM Peel Bond, you can find it at Sherwin Williams. It's designed to smooth out the rough edges. Exterior filler works too. You can even use the XIM over the filler, the peel bond is a primer so you can paint right over it, use a high grade paint like Duration at Sherwin Williams and you will never have the problem again.... :thumbup: Good to go!

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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